Find and Scan Supplier

$ 2,499


Find the best supplier

Facility check

Capabilities audited

Communication support

Lowest price negotiation 

Credit check

Trustworthy rapport

6 months after-sale support

Supplier Scan for Supplier already found by you

$ 1,899


Capabilities audited

Communication support

Lowest price negotiation

Communication support

6 months after-sale support

Facility Check for Supplier already found by you

$ 999

one time

We travel to the supplier

Facility check, making sure what is promised is there

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What do the services in the packages mean?

We have created an overview of our services below. Here you can see exactly what each service really means.

german company

We don’t just find any German supplier, we find the best German supplier. 


We thoroughly audit their company and their abilities and capabilities. We make sure they live up to their promises. 

Lowest price

We negotiate the lowest possible price so you can take maximum advantage of our suppliers.

COmmunication assistance

We assist you with the communication with the German supplier (German-English, English -German).


We check their promises and their business history. Is this a German company you can work with for a long time?

credit check

How are their finances? Are they able to pay their goods they ultimately ship to you? Are they capable of handling disputes?

6 months after-sale service

Are there any issues within the next 6 months? We’ll handle it.

facilities check

We travel to the German supplier to see whether what they say is there, is actually there. 

german supplier

Additional requests? We’ll make it happen

Do you have any additional requests? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll make it happen. We will send you the total price within 24 hours. Most of the time the price stays the same.