Our Principles are our rules and laws when doing business

We have derived our principles from one of the best hedge fund managers in the world: Ray Dalio. We believe the way he runs one of the best hedge fund companies in the world is the right way of doing business.

Our Principles

We do business following our principles. Take a look at how we do business.

Radical Truth

The real truth and the complete truth has to be our goal when assessing and auditing suppliers. But not only our suppliers are subject to this rule, we always aim for the complete and accurate truth when working together.

High Standards

We don’t settle for less, it’s that simple. When finding and negotiating with suppliers we aim to get the best and never split the difference.

Getting in Sync

Getting in Sync is extremely important for our clients but also our colleagues. It’s a part of radical transparency. Our clients but also our colleagues should fully understand each other and make sure there are no biases or misunderstandings whatsoever. Everything should be crystal clear from the start. 

Radical Transparancy

The most important principle to us is radical transparancy.

We make sure everyone is on the same level and everyone understands each other and has the same information. The goals are crystal clear. No information is left out and when problems arise they are brought out into the open immediately.

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