How to Find the Best German Suppliers

Short answer: it’s very difficult to find the best trustworthy, capable and cheapest supplier in Germany. It’s extremely time consuming and might cost you thousands of dollars. We do not recommend you to find the best German suppliers yourself, because here’s what you have to deal with.

First, you have to find some sort of database containing a lot of German suppliers and companies. Notice I used “a lot of” and not “all” because it’s impossible to find a database with all German companies. There are major companies in Germany that are not registered in that particular database you paid for. You miss out on very potential suppliers and this might turn out costly if those suppliers were a lot cheaper than the one you ultimately pick. Most people use incomplete databases like:

Again, you might miss out on great suppliers when they are not registered or listed in these databases. Most of them are free, there are paid databases but they are hardly better than the free ones like the German Business Directory. So we would advise you not to pay for databases, since you are not certain whether or not these suppliers are any good and even if they still exist or not.

You might also try trade shows like Anuga. Here, many suppliers from all over the world come together for food related products. But this is expensive, you have to travel to the trade show and stay there a couple of days. Not something smaller companies or companies with a tight budget can afford.

Secondly, you have to ask yourself the same question over and over again: “Can I trust this supplier?”. We admit, finding a trustworthy supplier is difficult. But what if he answers his phone and seems to know a thing or two about what he is promising to deliver? Is that enough? You’ve guessed it, no. We haven’t established the fact that this German supplier is indeed capable of delivering. What is his financial situation? What does his logistical system look like? What’s his business history? Is he on the verge of going bankrupt and promises all kinds of things he can’t deliver to make a quick buck? These are serious questions you need to answer before wiring your money oversees.

The gist of what we’re trying to say is: finding the best German suppliers and company is difficult, time consuming and can be expensive. We recommend you to seriously consider professionals in Germany to find you the best supplier, negotiate pricing and verify the location and their credibility. offers you this full service package here. We find you the best German Supplier, do an audit and facility check as well as a credit check. You’ll be completely sure you’re doing business with a capable and trustworthy German supplier and can engage in a long term relationship.

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