How we work

We have divided the process in 5 stages. Take a look on how the process works. Of course, when your needs and wishes are different, we can alter the process to make it fit for your needs.


talk about your needs and wishes


search for the best supplier


a full audit report about everything you need to know


your approval to continue


start of relationship and negotiation with full assistance

Join us! Take a look at our prices

Making sure the supplier is capable and they can offer acceptable prices and terms.

We find the best supplier in Germany. Not just the ones that respond.

We will do a facility check. We’ll make sure what the supplier claims is there, is actually there.

Any after sale assistance you might need. We’re here.

A full supplier audit report with everything you need to know. 

Full German-English communication assistance.

What you’ll receive

No need to scavenge the company databases or hire expensive auditing teams. There is also no need to travel to Germany. All these add to your cost structure. Let us handle this part and save you thousands of dollars.

Also check out our Principles. These are our standards when doing business

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