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Searching, selecting and creating a trustworthy relationship with a German company is difficult. It can take many months and can cost over $10,000. We’ll handle it for you, for a one-time fee of $2,499. No strings attached. We’ll with the best German suppliers and German companies for your needs.

Audit & credit check

A full report analyzing and indicating the creditworthiness of the suppliers we find for you in Germany that you’ll do business with. No more stress.


No need to scavenge thousands of companies in dozens of databases. Our local team will find and visit the best German suppliers. We never settle for “okay companies”. We’re here to find the best.


We’ll make sure the communication between your company and the German company runs smoothly and transparent.


No need to travel to Germany. Our local team will visit and fact check everything to make sure they live up to their promises. 


Finding the right business supplier can take many months. We’ll use our local expertise to do it faster.

FIND the best partner

Don’t pick the ones that respond, pick the best. We use our local expertise to contact and visit the best German companies.

Goods and services

Our huge database of German companies can supply just about anything. Airplane parts? Yes. Flower seeds? Yup. Everything.


Finding the right partner takes months and can cost $10,000+. We’ll handle it, for a one-time fee of only $2,499.

With our huge database
and local expertise we’ll make finding a supplier in Germany easy

Our local team in Germany will find the best German company suited for your needs. No need to scavenge thousands of companies in dozens of databases. We’ll do a credit check, an on site check and communicate with the German supplier to create the best fitting relationship between you and the supplier.

No need to travel, take months to establish a relationship or settle for less. We’ll take it from here.

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We are proud of our numbers and what we’ve achieved in recent years.

German companies in our Database
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Our Principles

Our principles are like our laws. Our business is strictly guided by our principles and we do not tolerate any deviation. except in very rare circumstances. Take a look on how we do business.

Radical Truth

Being radically truthful with our colleagues and expecting our colleagues to be the same with us ensures that important issues are apparent instead of hidden.

Learn from mistakes

Mistakes happen. Mistakes mean something in our system is faulty and we need to fix it. We encourage our people to bring their mistakes into the open, so it is fixed quickly. 

Believability Weighted Decisions

We don’t believe in autocratically made decisions. We also don’t believe in democratically made decisions. Decisions should be made by capable people. We rely on their capability and experience to make the best decisions.

Radical Transparancy

In addition to being radically truthful, being radically transparent openly assesses the merits of our logic. It makes our decision making more clear. 

In Sync

For an organization to be effective, the people who make it up must be aligned on many levels. We call this alignment “getting in sync” and it’s very important to reach our goals

Extremely High Standards

Our high standards are something other companies ultimately get used to. We don’t like to do it any other way than the best way.

Client Testimonials

Dont’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say.

The company is relatively new but they sure know their way around and deliver. Really satisfied with the German supplier we found. 

Lombards LLC

Wilmington, Delaware

Really happy with the service. Especially the audit and facilities check. Saved me time to do other things.

Mango Designs

New York City, New York

I especially liked the communication between ImportGerman and us. They’re clear and to the point. They helped us with the communication with the supplier in Germany, too. It’s hard to gain trust in a supplier when you’re so far away, ImportGerman took care of it all.


Los Angeles, California

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